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Redd&Whyte was founded in response to the common frustrations experienced by life scientists, who struggle to find instruments with the capabilities needed to achieve their research vision.

We are developing a range of novel Liquid Handling instruments that not only meet these requirements, but are one step ahead of the ever-changing life science market. Our values are open innovation, technology and quality.


Open innovation

At Redd&Whyte, we don’t just want to improve existing technologies. Inspired by our customers, we develop new ones. We believe that understanding what users really need is the essence of invention. Our principle of open innovation means we work very closely with our customers throughout product development processes, to ensure we fully understand customers’ problems and develop liquid handling systems that best meet their needs.



We specialize in liquid handling technologies for high throughput screening (HTS) and drug discovery nano dispensers.

Our aim is to develop liquid handling tools that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of problematic operations carried out in the life science industry. These tools will allow scientists to explore new areas of research, consequently leading to new discoveries and knowledge.



Redd&Whyte’s products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities. We strive to provide high quality instruments and services. With our ongoing Product Improvement Programme we actively encourage feedback from users in all areas of industry.




ELRIG Technology Prize at the Robotics and Automation Meeting June 2013.



Best New Company at the European Lab Automation 2011 Life Science Awards


top ten award

The Scientist’s Top 10 Innovations 2010



Liquid handling applications scientist


Whatever your questions our liquid handling specialist Dr Phil Wells is standing by to help.




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