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Versatile automated liquid handling

At Redd&Whyte we pride ourselves in offering some of the most versatile automated liquid handling technology available today. We supply systems to leading drug discovery and biotechnology laboratories throughout the world for the most demanding applications. We are delighted with our customer feedback.




What our customers say…..


“The flexibility of the Preddator enables my laboratory to use the instrument for a diverse range of applications. In addition the low volume dispensing capabilities reduce the overall cost of reagents.” Video of interview


Chatura Jayakody, Research Specialist,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill



“The new workflow with the Preddator is allowing us to reduce our compound dosing step by up to 30 percent. We believe that the Preddator is an effective nano-litre dispensing device which offers high speed, accurate dispensing in a very effective small footprint” Read more


John Vincent, Senior Research Scientist



“The Preddator achieved impressive results for its accuracy and precision, including extremely low coefficients of variation for all channels.” Read more


Keith J. Albert, Technical Manager
Artel Inc.


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Automated liquid handling


Whether you are interested in testing out the Preddator for a new application area, or are struggling to find a reagent dispenser with the capabilities you need, our applications scientist Dr Phil Wells is here to help.