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Automated Liquid Handling Frequently Asked Questions


Nano-dispenser-support-scientistHere are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) we’ve received. Dr Phil Wells is standing by to answer any further questions you may have about automated liquid handling. Click the image to send him an e-mail.



What types of microplate is the Preddator compatible with?

The Preddator can be used to dispense even viscous liquids into any type of standard footprint microplate, from 96- to 3,456-well plates. It is even suitable for automated liquid dispensing into plates with evaporation reservoirs.


Does the Preddator only dispense into microplates?

No, the Preddator is extremely versatile, and can be used to dispense onto a variety of laboratory plastics or glassware, including microscope slides. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


What reagents can I use with the Preddator?

The Preddator is suitable for use with any reagents, including those containing oils, greases, gels and detergents. It can also dispense cells (including fragile stem cells), with excellent cell viability (≤ 2% CV @ 500nl, ≤ 3.5% CV @ 100nl).


How much space will the Preddator take up on the bench?

The Preddator S1 and S4 has the same footprint: 338(w) x 552(d) x 450(h) mm, this does not include the reagent reservoirs.


What are the differences between the Preddator S1 and Preddator S4?

The Preddator S4 has four dispensing channels, which allow you to program the system to dispense up to four different pre-loaded reagents sequentially, increasing walkaway time and improving efficiencies. We have also made a number of enhancements to our software, and will be happy to discuss these with you in more detail.


Do I need to link the Preddator to a computer? What connections are required?

It is possible to run the Preddator without an additional PC.

Linking the Preddator to a PC is necessary to access our full software control panel, through which you can define all the parameters of your workflow, set dispensing patterns and monitor performance. The Preddator can be connected via a USB port or RS232 connection.

Automated liquid handling applications scientist


Questions? – Ask Dr Phil Wells. Whether you are interested in testing out the Preddator, or are struggling to find an automated liquid handling device with the capabilities you need, our applications scientist Dr Phil Wells is here to help.




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