Great Review of Preddator by Dundee University

Preddator reagent dispenser at Dundee UniversityWe’re frequently told by our users how impressed they are with the Preddator system but it’s also nice to have this confirmed in writing.

We’ve just received notification from SelectScience Reviews that a review of Preddator has been posted by the Drug Discovery section of the Department of Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery at the University of Dundee.

The Department is a multidisciplinary and highly collaborative research division within the University, encompassing both fundamental and translational research.

James Roberts, the main Preddator user in the Department said ” We use the Preddator within our compound handling workflow.  It fits well with the Labcyte Echo and it is mainly used for DMSO backfilling and control  addition.  It is also used for adding reagents to screening/assay plates.”

The review of Preddator is reproduced below…

Product: Preddator Bulk Reagent Dispenser
Ease of use: 5
After sales: 4
Value for money: 4
Overall: 4.3
Application Area: Liquid Dispensing
Comments: Very easy to use low volume liquid handling device. 80nl to 20ul range. Capable of very accurate dispensing to any well or well pattern for all standard microplate sizes. Possible to add up to four reagents in one run. Works well together with the Labcyte Echo. Software and method creation is user friendly and can also be set up to run using worklist files.

We are obviously very pleased that the University of Dundee are happy with their Preddator and are getting the very best performance from it. It’s also great to hear that they are finding it straightforward to couple the Preddator up to complimentary lab robotics and software systems.

If you’d like to find out more about how Preddator can revolutionise your reagent dispensing workflow then contact the Redd&Whyte team.