Introducing the New Preddator Rinse Station

Redd&Whyte have developed a rinsing station for their popular Preddator S4 which now has expert rinse and cleaning capabilities.

The new and improved rinse station allows the Preddator’s high precision dispensing valves to be cleaned at a rapid speed using a rinse solution, and an air-blade to dry the valves, before or after dispensing.

This is ideal when dispensing reagents that are prone to precipitating, such as buffers, or any other sample media that could cause clogging. As a result, the dispensing performance is maintained each time a plate is run.

The rinse station consists of a trough with 4 holes for the dispensing valves to enter for cleaning. As the valves enter the station, the air-blade will be activated followed by the rinse solution that jets over the ends of the valves. The duration of each rinse activity can be controlled from the Preddator S4 control software and this can be easily modified within a Prime/Rinse step. Finally, each valve can be easily primed using the reagent supplied, using fixed volumes or by leaving the valve open for a set amount of time.

All waste liquid within the trough is drained to a waste bottle, which has sensors to alert the user when the bottle is full. A sensor is also fitted to the rinse bottle to alert the user when more rinse solution is required.

The Preddator S4 is a low volume nano-litre dispenser, designed by scientists for scientists. To find out more about what the Preddator S4 can do for you, please click here.