New Software Update: flying reagent dispenser and new valve calibration

The Preddator S4’s software has recently been updated with on-the-fly dispensing functions. The Preddator’s high precision solenoid dispensing valves allow for faster dispensing to any rectangular shaped region. This update allows 500nl to be dispensed to an entire 384-well plate in 9 seconds, and 200nl can be dispensed to a 1,536-well plate in just 26 seconds.

Flying Reagent dispenser

In addition, the valve calibration procedure has also been enhanced to allow calibration profiles for each valve, resulting in improved dispensing performance. A single calibration at a designated “master” volume allows the calibration to be checked frequently, and can easily be updated if necessary, without having to calibrate across the entire volume range.

The Preddator S4 is a low volume nano-litre flying reagent dispenser, designed by scientists for scientists. To find out more about what the Preddator S4 can do for you, please click here.