Preddator at LRIG New England Fall Meeting

Redd&Whyte Preddator at LRIG

LRIG New England is a rapidly growing special interest group focused on laboratory automation. Membership consists of scientists and engineers, primarily from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, with chapters across the US and in Europe.

LRIG New England’s annual one day Fall Seminar and Exhibition will be held at the Boston Marriott Cambridge Hotel on November 14. The meeting will include an exhibition and various workshops one of which covers optimization of Redd&Whyte’s Preddator reagent dispenser.

Applying Volume Measurement Information to OPTIMIZE Liquid Handler Methods: Specific Examples Include a Biomek, Bravo and Preddator, will be presented by Keith Albert, Senior Applications Scientist at Artel, a worldwide leader in liquid handling quality assurance.

If you can’t make it to the meeting then much of the information to be presented can also be found in the application note Verifying dispensing performance & optimizing accuracy on a Redd&Whyte Preddator nano-bulk reagent dispenser using the Artel MVS® (click to download the application note) by Keith Albert and Roger Poole of Redd&Whyte. The note discusses verification and optimization of the dispensing accuracy on a Preddator using measurement information from the Artel MVS®.

We hope you can make it to the meeting but if you’d like more information on any aspect of the Preddator system please contact Roger@reddandwhyte.

Date and venue details for the meeting are as follows. You can register for this event for free on the LRIG New England website.

Thursday, November 14th, 2013
Boston Marriot Cambridge Hotel
2 Cambridge Center, 50 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02142

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