Preddator Rinse Station

Faster cleaning of the dispensing valves

For reliable nano volume fluid dispensing

The NEW Preddator Rinsing Station is the latest accessory for the Preddator S4, allowing fast cleaning of the dispensing valves, improving nano volume fluid dispensing efficiency and performance.

The rinse station helps reduce clogging significantly when dispensing buffers or any other fluid sample to ensure a high level of performance each time a plate is run.


Nano volume fluid dispenser


Features include:

  • Rapid cleaning of the Preddator’s high precision dispensing valves
  • The trough includes four holes for the dispensing valves to enter for cleaning
  • High performance air-blade drying technology
  • Sensors to alert the user when more rinse solution is required, or when the waste fluid capture bottle is full





How it works:

Easily attached to the Preddator S4, the rinse station consists of a trough with 4 holes for the dispensing valves to enter for cleaning. As the valves enter the station, the air-blade will be activated followed by the rinse solution that jets over the ends of the valves.

The duration of each rinse activity can be controlled from the Preddator S4 control software and this can be easily modified within a Prime/Rinse step. Finally, each valve can be easily primed using the reagent supplied, using fixed volumes or by leaving the valve open for a set amount of time.


Nano volume fluid dispensing applications scientist

To find out more information, or to purchase the rinsing station, please contact us.

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