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10th September 2013

Verifying dispensing performance & optimizing accuracy on a Redd&Whyte Preddator nano-bulk reagent dispenser using the Artel MVS®

Nano Bulk Reagent dispenser DropletsThis application note discusses an approach to verify and optimize the dispensing accuracy on a Redd & Whyte Preddator1 dispenser using measurement information from the Artel MVS®. The Preddator is able to dispense any number of liquid types and the MVS supports verifying both tip-to-tip precision and accuracy values for nearly all liquid handlers.2,3 The focus of this application note is on volume verification and subsequent optimization; it does not speak to the quality of volume transfer performance you should expect from any Preddator. Pipetting accuracy can be improved in multiple ways on the Preddator, such as by adjusting

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30th August 2013

Redd&Whyte Preddator Low-volume Dispenser for DMSO Back-filling used by Leading Biopharmaceutical Company Application Increases Throughput by a Third and Improves Assay Accuracy

Redd&Whyte, an expert supplier of liquid handling automation for drug discovery and life science research applications, today announced its Preddator system has been integrated in an assay workcell by AstraZeneca, to meet a generic high throughput nano-litre dispensing application. Using the Preddator system, the assay run time has been significantly reduced, while maintaining the dispensing consistency and flexibility of the original workcell.

Low volume dispensersScientists in the Oncology Group at AstraZeneca (Alderley Park, UK) integrated the Preddator system as an additional dispensing module to complement a Labcyte ECHO 555 acoustic reformatter in a high throughput cell-based screening workcell. The system is routinely …

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10th July 2013

Preddator Low-volume Microplate Dispenser Awarded ELRIG Prize Recognising Technology’s Novel Method of Improving Liquid Handling Efficiency

Redd&Whyte, an expert supplier of liquid handling automation for drug discovery and life science research applications, is delighted to announce its innovative Preddator low-volume microplate dispenser has been awarded the “ELRIG Technology Prize”, which recognises the most interesting automation seen at the recent ELRIG Robotics and Automation Conference.

ELRIG Prize for Low Volume Microplate dispenser

The award was voted for by delegates at the ELRIG Robotics and Automation show, in recognition of the fact that the Redd&Whyte Preddator nano dispenser has a unique design that is capable of precisely dispensing a wide range of fluid types and cell suspensions into any microplate format from 96-3456 wells. The …

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9th January 2013

World’s most Precise Nanolitre Microplate Dispenser on Show at SLAS Conference

Redd&Whyte is showing its Preddator liquid handling system, for dispensing even difficult to pipette liquids into microplates, on Booth #231 at the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS conference) 2013 in Orlando, USA. The system, which features unique dispense head technology, achieves less than 1% CVs at nanolitre volumes, ensuring scientists can save time and reagent costs by generating consistent low-volume microplate assay results, time after time.

SLAS ConferenceThe Preddator system on show at SLAS2013 recently underwent rigorous independent microplate dispensing performance checks with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) approved Artel MVS® multichannel verification system. These …

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29th October 2012

Preddator achieves amazing dispensing accuracy at 500 nl

Redd&Whyte’s Preddator recently underwent rigorous microplate dispensing accuracy and performance checks with the NIST-approved Artel Calibration system.

The Preddator achieved impressive results for its accuracy and precision, including extremely low coefficients of variation (CV) for all channels.

Can your dispenser beat 0.69% CVs at 500 nl, across 384-well plates?

Contact us now to see how the Preddator’s superior precision and accuracy could improve your assay data, and benefit your research.…

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21st June 2011

New Preddator 4-channel system boosts drug discovery research

Redd&Whyte, the specialist provider of novel liquid handling technology for drug discovery research, is launching the Preddator 4-channel system (S4) at European Lab Automation (ELA), taking place from 30 June to 1 July in Hamburg, Germany. The S4 has four dispensing channels for more efficient microplate filling and contains a number of enhancements to its software. The Preddator is the world’s only automated liquid handler that can reliably and accurately dispense problematic substances such as oils, detergents, gels, cells, matrices, and other biological materials, with minimal blockages or downtime.

The Preddator has been developed through collaboration and extensive testing with …

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2nd August 2010

Ground-breaking technology perfects low volume dispensing of biological materials

Redd&Whyte, the specialist provider of novel liquid handling technology, has launched the Preddator S1, a unique instrument designed for successful low volume dispensing of cells, beads, and biochemical reagents into 96- to 3,456-well plates. The Preddator will be demonstrated at ELRIG Drug Discovery 2010 in Coventry, UK, 1-2 September, booth O4, and at Miptec 2010 in Basel, Switzerland, 20-24 September, booth J05.

Low volume pipetting (20 nl – 100 ml) of cells, beads and biochemicals is used routinely in drug discovery and research applications, but current technologies are inadequate at high throughput, causing problems such as blockage of tips or …

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