Technical Specification

The Worlds Most Flexible Reagent Dispenser

Preddator S1/S4

Plate carriage 270° access
Plate compatibility 96, 384, 1536 and 3456 as well as all plates with peripheral wells and reservoirs
Plate movement Horizontal X – 200mm
Dispense head Vertical Z – 50mm, Horizontal Y – 200mm
Dispensing nozzle Pressure fed solenoid valve (1-4 valves)
Dispense precision ≤ 2% CV @ 500nl, ≤ 3.5% CV @ 100nl
Dispense accuracy ≤ 1.5% @ 100nl (see Note 1)
Resolution 1 micron
Repeatability 20 microns
Data memory capacity 100 programs, 4000 points per program
Program system Compact flash
Display Integrated LCD and Windows PC
Driver/stepper motors 3-Phase
Motion control Point-to-point (Step and Repeat)/ Continuous (On-the-Fly)
System dead volume < 1µl, reservoir dependent (12.5µl max.)
Fluid line materials SS, Polyethylene, PVDF, Ruby, Quartz
Dispense volume range 20nl to 200µl (see Note 2)
External interface USB or RS232
System footprint (max.) 338(w) x 522(d) x 450(h) mm
Reservoirs outside footprint
Free standing weight 20kg
Shipping weight 35kg
Power supply Auto-switching 95-132V or 180-250V (270W)
Compliance CE, RoHS and EMC

Processing time

  Preddator S1 S4
Step and Repeat 384 well 82s 21s
  1536 326s 82s
On-the-fly 384 37s 10s
  1536 112s 28s

1. Under controlled laboratory conditions
2. Preddator is supplied with a 0.3mm orifice solenoid which gives a dispense range from 80nl to 200ul. For volumes below 80nl consult Redd&Whyte or one of our official distributors for advice on solenoid and setting requirements.


nl reagent dispenser scientist

Questions? – ask Dr Phil Wells. Whether you are interested in testing out the Preddator, or are struggling to nl reagent dispenser with the capabilities you need, our applications scientist Dr Phil Wells is here to help.



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