Andrew Macdonald appointed as Head of Tech Services

Andrew Macdonald, Head of Tech services

Redd&Whyte has appointed Andrew Macdonald as their new Head of Tech Services. This is among a series of new appointments as part of a wider restructuring process, to broaden Redd&Whyte’s customer base across Europe and north America.

As Head of Tech Services, Andrew will direct Redd&Whyte’s service and support team. The team offers industry-leading services, including significantly reducing instrument down-time, by offering product replacement during periods of maintenance.

“It’s an exciting time for everyone at Redd&Whyte,” said Roger Poole, Managing Director. “We are in the process of restructuring as part of a new growth strategy, and Andrew joins Redd&Whyte with a wealth of experience in understanding complex technologies, and providing world-class customer service.”

For over seven years, Andrew was the Head of Microarray Technologies at Genesis Diagnostics, UK. He has developed advanced technologies for diagnostic assays, as well as providing applications, customer support and training. Andrew has also previously worked at BioRobotics/Genomic Solutions as a Global Applications Specialist and has held instrumentation specialist and research positions in immunoassay-based applications within diverse clinical fields.

Redd&Whyte’s Preddator is an expert liquid handling instrument, designed by scientists for scientists. The Preddator overcomes problems with existing lab equipment, allowing scientists to generate accurate and precise data for high-quality research results.